Greasy Rock n’ Roll Meets Motor City Soul

In an industry obsessed with nostalgia, throwbacks, & cliche’, Captain Ivory’s music brings a breath of fresh air to fans of rock & soul. Born and raised on hardworking Midwest ideals, the group blends the raw sentiments of Detroit indie-rock with the well-practiced style & groove of southern funk & soul.


Since forming in 2012, Captain Ivory has spent much of their time honing their live show and touring across the United States & internationally, including multiple 4-6 week tours of Europe. Their self-titled debut album, released in 2014 on Gangplank Records, combined high-energy roots rock with thoughtful songwriting and infectious choruses. The album caught the attention of NPR, the Detroit Red Wings, and hundreds of clubs & festivals around the midwest US.


After returning from Europe and moving to Nashville, TN the group returned to the studio in early 2016 with new drummer, Seth Maschari, behind the kit, helping push the band to new heights. Their sophomore release, “No Vacancy,” expanded on a new-found tightness through more mature song arrangements and inspiration drawn from their extensive travels. The album found a home with airplay on Lightning 100 (Nashville), and landed the group at a string of new clubs & festivals, including a breakout performance at the 2017 Mile of Music in Appleton, WS.


2018 promises a continued raising of the bar for Captain Ivory with the launch of their bi-weekly live performance series on Youtube, “The Airwood Studio Sessions,” a followup album release, and continued touring across the United States & Europe. writes: “Captain Ivory reaffirms that great songs performed with passion and talent will keep rock music alive and well!”