Top of the Park 2014: “This Ain’t No Rose Garden, Maggots!”

Tuesday, June 17th we take over the Rackham Hall Mainstage at the 2014 Top of the Park festival in Ann Arbor. This will likely be the largest festival we’ve played yet (estimated 4,000 in attendance), and we couldn’t be more pumped. With great power comes great responsibility however, and we’re not taking the opportunity lightly. We’ve been training hard for the gig, and wanted to share some of our training secrets with our fellow Ann Arbor Summer Festival artists and fans. Check it out!


Also on the Calendar: Chelsea Sounds & Sights Festival

Two festivals in one week?!? That’s right. Two days after Top of the Park, we head to downtown Chelsea for our second year in a row at the annual Sounds & Sights festival. Come on out, Thursday, June 19th from 6-8pm for a full on Captain Ivory party in the middle of the street in front of Common Grill! More info here:¬†