Notes From the Road: “$*%# It’s Cold Tour” Pt. 1

Captain Ivory shit its cold tour

As we stared out of the van window contemplating our next move, Jayson emits a raptor-like screech that confirmed our destination, “[high frequency sound layered with Guinness]”…. Not sure of the context, but we did indeed arrive in the delightfully small New Buffalo, MI town with a warm reception.

Upon first arrival, we thought we were going to give the dinner crowd acoustic trauma, but boy were we wrong! The crowd was livelier than an alcoholic being told beer cures cancer. When we set into our first song, the crowd took their eyes off the Olympic ceremony and feasted them upon the vibes coming from the back of the bar below the Beer Signs. The older pictures on the wall represented antiquity, but the life of the crowd emitted unbridled energy. After three whiskey-infused sets, we laid down our instruments to set out onto our next excursion. So long New Buffalo, you are beautiful.

Captain Ivory Casey's New Buffalo

Casey’s Bar & Grill, New Buffalo, MI

Captain ivory Casey's New Buffalo

The dinner crowd quickly turned into a helluva party.


With our appetites wet and a gamut of musical energy, we set out for St. Joseph. We drove through a polar vortex to arrive at a town that was quaint with family life and had a wonderful ice-carving festival.

captain ivory st. joseph ice festival

St. Joe’s Ice Festival


As we soaked up our hangovers with Big Bob’s Bomb (a three-pound omelet) and coffee, we explored the town and the venue we played at, Czars 505. Located along the coast of Lake Michigan in a central location of town, peering into the door of Czars appears as a bowling alley during cosmic bowling or the entrance of a roller rink, but is deceived when, at 8pm sharp, you emerge into a London Rock Club circa 1968. If you have seen the Caverns in Hamburg where The Beatles were discovered, then you would have had immediate déjà vu.

Captain Ivory Czar's 505

Souncheck at Czar’s 505


Justin Leiter Captain Ivory Czars

Justin in his drum cave.

We played yet another three-hour set to an astonishingly receptive crowd. We had everything from middle-aged men insisting on more classic rock to young vixens begging Jayson to serenade them with soothing ballads. With weather screaming, “stay inside” the gloriously insistent crowd threw caution to the wind and gave us a warm embrace and danced and grooved and jammed and swooned to our jams. Thank you for telling Mother Nature to shove it and joining us.

-Steve Zwilling – Keys Man

Captain Ivory set list