Introducing, Our Debut Full Length Album!

The Journey

What started as a random jam session in the summer of 2012 has snowballed into a collection of songs, and a calling that has taken this group far beyond our little jam space in Ypsilanti, MI. After many hundreds of hours of writing & rehearsal, thousands of miles worth of gigging, and the relentless support of each and every one of you, we’ve crafted a nine song debut album that represents the wild and crazy ride the past year and a half has been.

Just over a year ago, we came together to make music that blends the inner sentiments of blues and roots music and fused the raw energy of rock ‘n’ roll into a combustible cocktail that heats up like a Molotov cocktail (or your chest proceeding a rough morning after a guy in the audience gives you 50-year old scotch from a flask in an alley…we’re looking at you Indianapolis). With the collective insight of Detroit soul to the subtle delicacies of 70’s radio. We wrote insightful songs that blend a myriad of ideas: love, turmoil, drugs, and the gravitas of personal experience. Phrases turn, emotions connect, and melodies soar. You sing along even if  you’ve never heard the tune before. We write from a perspective of distance, of interludes between lovers and lives and the roads that lead from small Michigan towns to decadent façades of big cities.

The Album

Our debut CD was recorded at Tempermill Studios in Ferndale, Michigan over a beer-addled, coffee-riddled, December 2013. With the help of studio owner, producer, and pedal steel picker-extraordinaire, Dave Feeny, we knocked out nine guitar-infused rock n’ roll originals that we’ve been waiting to properly record for quite sometime. Dave’s 20+ years of production experience are evident on these songs, as he brought fresh ideas for song arrangement and sonic detail that stepped things up to the next level. We even managed to talk him into laying some pedal steel down on our song “Tennessee Approximately”. A deer in the headlights moment for us, as he won a Grammy for his pedal steel work with Jack White and Loretta Lynn in 2006.

A peak behind the glass at Tempermill:

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Get Your Copy!

While caterwauling still abounds, we actually took the time to push our noisy little envelope a bit. Listeners will behold a bolder, sleeker, more advanced Captain Ivory sound. Undoubtedly reflective of the progression things have, and will continue to take over the coming years. Feeny was gracious enough to offer us a spot on his small label/music collective, Gangplank Records, and so we are happy to announce our debut album will be released on Gangplank, and reap the benefits of having a place to call home for our music.

captain ivory debut album

The album can be found in both digital and printed form, on the majority of places music is sold these days, including the following:

The CD Release Party

No album release would be complete without a giant party. Ours is no different. We’ll be joining our friends in the Ann Arbor band, The Paths, for a hometown show at the Blind Pig on Friday, February 28th. We’ll be playing the tracks off the new album, live & up close and personal. Physical copies of the album will be available, as well as autographed posters, T-shirts, and all kinds of Captain Ivory swag. For those of you who’ve seen a show at the Blind Pig before, you know how groovy the party can get. Strap on your dancin’ shoes.

Your favorite men of steel,

Captain Ivory