The Voyage

  • 10
    Canton, MI
    Canton Village Theater
  • 25
    Nashville, TN
    New Faces Night at The Basement
  • 11
    Ostend, Belgium
    Bada Bing

We Are Captain Ivory

Nashville Rock n’ Roll by way of Detroit Motor City Soul.

Your dad’s record collection just hitched a ride a generation forward, met a few genres along the way, and started a rock band called Captain Ivory. 


Nashville Bound

We’re excited to finally announce Captain Ivory HQ is moving operations to Nashville, TN! This has been in the works for over a year now, and the migration south is…

Top of the Park 2014: “This Ain’t No Rose Garden, Maggots!”

Tuesday, June 17th we take over the Rackham Hall Mainstage at the 2014 Top of the Park festival in Ann Arbor. This will likely be the largest festival we’ve played…

Notes From the Road: “$*%# It’s Cold Tour” Pt. 1

As we stared out of the van window contemplating our next move, Jayson emits a raptor-like screech that confirmed our destination, “[high frequency sound layered with Guinness]”…. Not sure of…